it's a bug-eat-bug world out there

and I am a hoarder

There’s a lot I’ve been wanting to write about lately, like:

  • The gross food waste at the Tokyo Olympics

  • A lesser-understood reason why plastic is bad (hint: it requires fossil fuels)

  • How not labeling your diet, but just eating less meat, can help save the planet

  • The relentless messaging from Big Food that it’s up to us individuals to clean up the planet

But I have not.

Something(s) else:

I hoard garbage.

I wear daily contacts, which means I create garbage from the individual plastic packs the lenses are stored in every single day. I’ve been collecting the little plastic packs in a bag under my sink for over a year, and it’s beginning to overflow. TerraCycle has a Bausch + Lomb partnership, which accepts this type of packaging from all contact brands, and I intend to send mine in or find a local optometrist who’ll take them in for me, but this is so easy to put off, so I just let the trash amass.

I also have a bag of shit (like textiles, old undies, single socks, etc.) that I’ve stored in my closet with the intention of sending to a recycling facility that accepts textiles. Once long ago I read about a service (not TerraCycle) that will recycle all of your unwanted and non-donatable textiles for like $13. But I can’t remember where I read about this and even with my professional Googling abilities, I’ve yet to surface the source (I wonder, did COVID kill the service, some how?). And so, the rags continue to accumulate in this bag in my closet.

I do this same thing with batteries, old iPhone wires, a single earbud, plastic packaging, bubble wrap….

I want to be doing the right things with my waste, but due to procrastination, lack of access, general malaise and beyond, instead I just have garbage all around me.

This is all to say…

Sometimes it feels very overwhelming (and cluttered) to be a Good Little Garbage Girl. It makes you (me) want to not keep up a blog about being better with garbage if I’m not being the best myself.

But onward we truck.

I leave you with this smart tip about tomato paste (if you’re ok with accumulating plastic bags in your freezer, which is undoubtedly a pastime of mine):