My climate anxiety most often rears its head when it comes to garbage: There is so much of it! In my house, in my purse, on the street, in the river... I can hardly throw out a cucumber peel without begging a higher power for forgiveness. I *think* learning how to make less trash — and championing the greater solutions around waste — could improve this situation, yes?

Thus, on Good Little Garbage Girl, I intend to talk trash. I’ll explore the smart/cool ways people and organizations are tackling waste and underscore some of the more garbage approaches, too. I will highlight the nonsense. I will see through greenwashing attempts and I will likely yell about it. I will share expert tips for how we can do better at home, and on a bigger scale, too. I will be a little garbage rat guinea pig on a hamster wheel, like a duck to water, doing all that I can to ensure no more q-tips pierce through the beaks of our beloved sea turtles. I will make Adrian Grenier proud, and my boyfriend.

Want some bullet points? OK! In this blog, you can expect information about:

  • recycling

  • garbage

  • composting

  • waste

  • general malaise

  • depression

  • plastic alternatives

  • joy

  • dogs

  • the paradox of choice

  • the agony of stuff

  • dreams

  • hopes

  • things I hate

  • things I don’t love

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Author of "A Pocket Guide to Sustainable Food Shopping." Editor, writer, person. Likes dogs and learning about garbage.